"Leaders excel by leading through action and example, more so than leading just by words."

J.A. Ondrus​

"Dynamic & Effective leaders welcome challenge and growth. They believe that everyone has leadership potential and they are adept at unlocking that potential"

Leadership is not just a concept - It is a way of Living

MaryBeth Ulm - Partner 
Morrow & Meyer

"As a participant in one of Jim's training programs, I can highly recommend Jim to you. I experienced significant professional growth from each session and appreciated his expertise and his positive attitude and advice."

Mike Boyd - President 
Creative Source

"Jim puts his clients above everything else. Their success is his success. He is able to identify the different styles of communications allowing leaders to better lead and has given us an advantage over our competition."

Greg Blasiman - Principal 
Clifton Larsen Allen LLP

"I recommend Jim to anyone considering working with a business coach or looking for an individual to improve the communications within your organization, build a productive team, or enhance your team’s leadership."

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Leadership Development

The Dream Manager

The Power of The Dream Manager is that simply becoming aware of the concept will change the way that we manage and relate to people instantly and forever.

There is a dynamic collaboration unleashed when people work together to achieve company objectives and personal dreams when we Become-The-Best-Versions-Of-Ourselves.

The Culture Solution

A practical guide to building a dynamic culture is so people love coming to work and accomplishing great things together.. Culture is everything an organization does that helps it become the Best-Version-Of-Itself, and everything it does to fulfill its mission better than in the past.

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